March, 2016's Farewell Tour continues with the Farewll Tour Part II this coming March!  Speculation on whether
the YankCelt Band would return is over.  The boys will be back for a 27th tour in March 2017.

Bo Fitz and the YankCelt Band was formed in 1990 and the original ensemble includes:  Bo Fitzgerald, Jeff Sullivan,
Craig Eastman and Guy DeVito.  In 1998, Steppenwolf's Ron Hurst joined the band on drums.  Billy Klock later
replaced Ron and has been an integral part of the sound since 2001.  In 2004, Singer and Accordian player Mixie
Clarke of Galway, Ireland was asked to make a guest appearance with the band, and he has been making the trip
across the pond from Ireland for all the band's St. Patrick's Day appearances since!

The YankCelt Band derived its name from the unusual Celtic style produced by this ensemble of American and Irish
members.  The blend of traditional Irish music with threads of rock, jazz and other rhythms sets The YankCelt Band
apart from most other Irish music. Since it's formation in 1990, The YankCelt sound has been steadily evolving and
maturing.  The band has grown in popularity and has developed a large following due, in part, to rare opportunities to
see them perform as a complete musical unit.  This rare combination of Irish music sung and played with traditional
and contemporary instrumentation by these seasoned musicians’ promises to deliver many delightful sounds to
whoever has the good fortune to be listening!  In 2010 the band was honored to have it's music used in Mount Eagle
Productions independent film "The Turkey Bowl", winner of the Northampton Film Festival.

Please explore the web site, and learn more about the YankCelt Band, and where we will be playing to celebrate St.
Patrick's Day 2016. We look forward to seeing you at some of our shows!  Join the party - once you hear the band,
we're sure you'll be back for more!

          ".....the YankCelt Band, the local Irish American super group...."  
          Tom Shea,
The Springfield Sunday Republican, August 16, 2009.
Great Article by Donnie Moorhouse
LiveWire: The YankCelt Band rides again
EIGHT shows are scheduled in 2016 as
Bo Fitz and the YankCelt Band
have announced that this will be their last year.
Although it has been rumored for several years, The YankCelt Band is
making it official: the 2016 schedule of shows has been dubbed "#26... The
Farewell Tour".  It will mark the last time the band will be performing as a

Twenty-Six years ago, Bo Fitzgerald, Jeff Sullivan, Craig Eastman and Guy
Devito began performing as Bo Fitz & The YankCelt Band.  Over the years,
Billy Klock and Mixie Clark were invited to join the ensemble.  The
YankCelt band has become an annual tradition in the Valley every March
since 1990.

Become a part of the local legends' last performances as they good-bye and
thank you to all their loyal fans and friends.
Bo Fitzgerald and the
YankCelt Band
#26... TheFarewell Tour

YankCelt Band
Farewell Tour Part II
March, 2017
Stay Tuned!!!